The Patterns

As a busy wife and mommy, I try to create and launch a new pattern every month. My main focus over this last year was designing my small character creations, the Teensies. This collection has been a challenge getting off of the ground because of this time it takes to sketch the right image, outline the pattern and construct each of the designs. Although, with that in mind, I was able to publish three small amigurumi dolls called chibis.

Chibi dolls are the cutest things on the market today. The definition of chibi means small and/or miniature in a cute and humorous way. “Chibi” was first introduced through Japanese manga when smaller versions of characters needed to be drawn. Being that my Teensies collection stand around 4 inches tall, and are as cute as a bug, they are considered to be in the chibi style. I am truly looking forward to my next set of Teensies which will feature Bedtime Billy, Liam the fierce, and Princess Charlotte.

In the meantime, I have published my unicorn pattern and now my newest bunny pattern called Bunti & Hoxley Bunny! The focus of these newly launched patterns is to ensure the roots of the patterns will have the same basic structure. As you may notice, some of the construction will be very similar among each of these as well as the new animal amigurumi’s coming this summer. The more simple and easy I can make it for my followers, the happier we all can be! My goal is to create patterns that you all can enjoy and love.



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